MEDIEVAL Objectives

MEDIEVAL aims at designing a video transport architecture suitable for commercial deployment by mobile network operators. The major outcome of the project is this proposed architecture based on a cross layer design that exploits the interactions between the different layers to provide better video support at lower exploitation costs. By feeding back the experience gained with the proposed architecture to the appropriate standardisation bodies, the project is contributing to the development of future video communication standards and their integration. The proposed architecture is being designed following five key objectives:
  • Support for network mechanisms optimally customised to the specific needs of video services. This is provided by means of the specification of an interface between video services and underlying network mechanisms that allows video services to optimally customise the network behaviour, thereby improving user experience.
  • Enhanced wireless access to optimise video performance by exploiting the features of each available wireless technology in coordination with the video service requirements.
  • Design of a novel dynamic mobility architecture for next generation mobile networks, adequate to video traffic.
  •  Optimisation of the video delivery by means of Quality of Experience (QoE) driven network mechanisms, including Content Delivery Networks (CDN) techniques adapted for the mobile environment.
  • Support for broadcast and multicast video services, including Video on Demand and Personal Broadcasting, by introducing multicast mechanisms at different layers of the protocol stack.
MEDIEVAL aims at developing a coordinated architecture that binds all these aspects in a cross-layer approach. The architecture design allows for partial independent deployment of some of these aspects, providing smooth evolution paths for operators to improve the efficiency of their systems. Nevertheless, full exploitation of MEDIEVAL advantages is only achieved with the coordinated exploitation of all architectural concepts.