We highlight the MEDIEVAL dissemination activities as follows:

  • More than 23 articles published in leading journals & magazines (e.g., ACM, EURASIP JWCN) and more than 56 conference and workshop papers in top venue events (e.g., INFOCOM).
  • Best Paper award at MobiWorld 2011.
  • Organisation of IEEE Network Magazine Special Issue on “Video over Mobile Networks”, March 2013.
  • The organisation of a successful workshop on “Challenges and Solutions for the Mobile Video Operator”, September 2012.
  • The organisation of the International Workshop on Control Techniques for Efficeint Multimedia Delivery (CETMD) in conjunction with IEEE Globecom 2013, Atlanta, USA. Several MEDIEVAL partners are TPC members in addition to the Chair position.
  • Involvements in the EU FP7 integration actions Future Internet (FI) Cluster, the concertation meetings, Future Internet Assembly, and the ICT Future Network & Mobile Summit conferences.
  • The cross fertilization across FP7 projects and demonstrations with other European projects: ENVISION, FI-WARE, MEVICO.
  • Future research actions have been planned after the project to build on the DMM and PBS services developments conducted in MEDIEVAL to CROWD, iJOIN and CONCERTO.
  • Recognised impact in IETF Mobility working groups (DMM, NETEXT and MULTIMOB) with 7 WG documents and 1 RFC (RFC 7028, MULTIMOB WG).
  • DMM-Compliant mobility prototype implemented and presented at the 83rd IETF (March 2012) and 87th IETF (July-August 2013) meetings.
  • New extension for the mobile core proposed in IETF ALTO WG.
  • Remarkable contributions to IEEE 802.21 WG and its task groups: a total of 46 contributions to IEEE, a lot of them are accepted in the standard.
  • A MEDIEVAL member appointed as vice-chair for IEEE 802.21b
  • MEDIEVAL contribution to UPCON at 3GPP SA1 and SA2.
  • 6 patents filed.
  • Successful impact on the business through the technology transferred. We cite LiveU (SME) that commercially uses new features developed in MEDIEVAL: session manager (bandwidth-wise video parameters control), connection manager (link control) and SVC support in its LU60TM product line. ALTO was transferred to Alcatel-Lucent CouldBandTM product line. Finally, the MyConnectTM product line of PTIN will be enriched by the MEDIEVAL connection manager.

Workshop on “Challenges and Solutions for the Mobile Video Operator”
14th September 2012, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Paris

Pictures from the field

Workshop co-located with Globecom 2013, deadline for submission: 30th of June 2013

The 2013 IEEE International workshop on Control Techniques for Efficient Multimedia Delivery will be held in Atlanta on 13th December 2013 and is co-located with IEEE GLOBECOM 2013.
The workshop is sponsored by MEDIEVAL and will be part of our dissemination effort.

DMM + CDN Demo in Future Internet Assembly, May 2013
MEDIEVAL project participated in the Future Internet Assembly in both demonstration and exhibition sessions. The Distributed Mobility Management based intra-domain handovers and integration of content delivery network is showcased. For more details, you can download the demo poster.

A first version of the demo is visible on this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yhjQKH_Dlk

IEEE Network magazine special issue

"Video over Mobile Wireless", Special Issue IEEE Network magazine, Guest Editors: Carlos J. Bernardos, Ulas Kozat, Joerg Widmer, Michele Zorzi. Click here for the link.

DMM Demo @IETF83
A DMM-compliant mobility prototype was implemented and presented at the 83th IETF meeting, Paris, France, March 2012. This prototype partially implemented a MEDIEVAL standardization contribution (draft-bernardos-dmm-pmip-01), together with an InterDigital contribution. This prototype serves as starting point for the MEDIEVAL WP4 DMM-based mobility architecture. The demonstration effort at IETF 83 comprised of the preparation of a poster, slides and the live implementation prototype (3 MAARs, a CMD, 2 CNs and an MN). Around 25 people attended the demonstration.

DMM Demo @IETF87
This demo comprises a revised version of the DMM core solution (described in draft-bernardos-dmm-pmip) and its integration with CDNs, as an example of use case.