International workshop on Control Techniques for Efficient Multimedia Delivery (CTEMD), co-located with IEEE GLOBECOM 2013

Today, we are facing an explosion of the video traffic on wired and wireless networks due to the proliferation of multimedia-capable portable devices such as smart phones, tablets or notebooks. This trend is expected to intensify further in the near future. Even if the rates provided by next-generation mobile networks are increasing, the demand for high-quality contents is increasing faster.
Service providers need to find solutions to deliver multimedia contents in the most efficient way to provide users with the best quality of experience while accounting for scarce network resources.

The addressed problem raises many interesting challenges when considered from a control theoretic perspective. The characteristics of multimedia contents are time-varying as well as the network resources. There are propagation delays in networks. Receivers are heterogeneous. The quality of experience of multimedia contents is still difficult to evaluate. Researchers from control theory have already looked at several problems linked to the control of networks, such as the stability of protocols such as various flavors of TCP. Multimedia contents provide more design freedom linked to the various rate-distortion compromises that can be attained or to the robustness to losses of such type of contents. We believe that many aspects and challenges linked to the efficient multimedia delivery of multimedia contents have only been overlooked by researchers from control theory.

The main purpose of CTEMD workshop is to focus on techniques borrowed from control theory, ranging from stability and controllability techniques, to adaptive, predictive, or stochastic control in both centralized and distributed multimedia delivery architectures. Unexplored challenges in control techniques for efficient multimedia delivery will be emphasized.

CTEMD workshop will be held in Atlanta on 13th December 2013 and is co-located with IEEE GLOBECOM 2013. The workshop welcomes paper submissions from both academy and industry, considering theoretical and practical aspects of multimedia and control theory for presentation at the conference, and for publication in the proceedings and in IEEE Xplore.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive video streaming and transport for wireless networks
  • Cross layer control techniques for Multimedia Delivery
  • Stochastic control techniques for Multimedia Delivery
  • Centralized/Distributed delay aware multi users resource allocation
  • Content aware resource allocation
  • QoE-based optimized video delivery control systems
  • HTTP-adaptive streaming optimization
  • Robust control for multimedia delivery
  • Game theory for multimedia delivery
  • Control-based distributed caching techniques

Workshop Chairs

Technical Program Committee

  • Dr. Albert Banchs, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain (MEDIEVAL Partner)
  • Dr. Lucian Busoniu, CRAN ENSEM, France
  • Prof. Qionghai Dai, Tsinghua University, China
  • Dr. Danny De Vleeschauwer, Bell Labs, Belgium (MEDIEVAL Partner)
  • Prof Edward Delp, Purdue university, USA
  • Dr. Joumana Farah, USEK, Lebanon
  • Dr. Nikolaus Färber, HHI, Germany
  • Prof. Carsten Griwodz, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
  • Prof. Enrico Magli, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  • Prof. Saverio Mascolo, Politecnico di Bari, Italy
  • Prof. Abdelhamid Mellouk, UPEC, France
  • Dr. Sharad Singhal, HP Labs, USA
  • Prof Antonio Ortega, USC, USA
  • Prof. Beatrice Pesquet-Popescu, Telecom ParisTech, France
  • Dr. Werner Van Leekwijck, Bell Labs, Belgium
  • Prof. Michele Zorzi, University of Padova, Italy (MEDIEVAL Partner)