MEDIEVAL project participated in the Future Internet Assembly 2013 in both demonstration and exhibition sessions. The demo presents novel mobile network architecture which benefits from the joint implementation of Distributed Mobility Management (DMM) and mobile Content Delivery Networks (CDN). DMM is one of the key MEDIEVAL technologies allowing distribution of mobility functions so far centralized at single and expensive points. On the other hand, CDN is a crucial design choice for mobile operators for enabling large scale content distribution at a reasonable cost and without overloading the operator’s core network.

By deploying content caches co-located with Mobility Access Router (MAR), MEDIEVAL architecture enables a mobile operator to deliver content to the user without congesting its core network. Also, users benefit from an extremely low latency when accessing those caches, as they are placed one IP hop away from the mobile node’s current location.

During the event, more than 25 people visited the booth and engaged an interesting discussion on the MEDIEVAL project and its results.

More details could be find in the demo poster.

Some pictures from the field