MEDIEVAL Presentations
MEDIEVAL Public Demonstrations
  • Check out the poster of the MEDIEVAL public demonstration at the Mobile Summit in Warsaw, June 2011 (Fabio Giust, Lucas Eznarriaga, Telemaco Melia, Antonio de la Oliva, Carlos J. Bernardos, "The MEDIEVAL project meets CARMEN: Seamless Flow Mobility & Scalable Video", Future Network and Mobile Summit, Jun. 2011
  • "The MEDIEVAL project meets CARMEN: Seamless Flow Mobility and Scalable Video", poster and demo setup at IMDEA Open House, event in conjunction with the "Semana de la Ciencia (Science Week) 2011" initiative, November 2011, Madrid. The event is sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).
  • A DMM-compliant mobility prototype was implemented and presented at the 83th IETF meeting, Paris, France, March 2012. This prototype partially implemented a MEDIEVAL standardization contribution (draft-bernardos-dmm-pmip-01), together with an InterDigital contribution. This prototype serves as starting point for the MEDIEVAL WP4 DMM-based mobility architecture. The demonstration effort at IETF 83 comprised of the preparation of a poster, slides and the live implementation prototype (3 MAARs, a CMD, 2 CNs and an MN). Around 25 people attended the demonstration.
  • WIRELESS MULTI-ACCESS DELIVERY FOR SVC-BASED VIDEO APPLICATIONS, Optimized video delivery for a superior Quality of Experience: this demo has been presented during the OpenDays at Bell Labs, May 23rd, 24th and 25th 2012. Check out the OpenDays show on youtube

  • N. Maram, "Live Streaming in QoE Centric Networks", ITEA2, Project Outline Preparation Days 2013, Turkey, March 2013. (pdf)
  • G. Zaffiro, "Examining challenges brought by the evolution of Mobile Content Consumption", Broadband Traffic Management Congress, London, Nov 2012.pdf

  • C. J. Bernardos, “Distributed mobility management in the context of the MEDIEVAL project”, MEVICO Final seminar, Nov 2012.pdf

  • S. Jeon, “MEDIEVAL: Multimedia transport for mobile video applications”, SK Telecom, South Korea, October 2012.

  • T. Melia, "MEDIEVAL: MultimEDia transport for mobile Video AppLications", Future Networks Mobile Summit Workshop - Fostering Programmability of Wireless Networks, Jul. 2012.

  • G. P. Balboni, and G. Zaffiro, "Facing challenges from Mobile Contents Consumption", Mobile Video Optimisation, Jun. 2012. pdf

  • B. Fu, and G. Kunzmann, "MultimEDia transport for mobile Video AppLications", ITG 5.2.4 Workshop on Traffic Management for Mobile Networks, Mar. 2012. pdf

  • B. Fu, and N. Amram, "Multimedia Transport for Mobile Video Applications", COMET-ENVISION workshop on Future Media Distribution Networks, Nov. 2011. pdf

  • N. Amram, QoE - Centric Mobile Video Delivery, NetHD workshop, Oct. 2011. pdf
  • M. Wetterwald, T. Melia, and C. J. Bernardos, "MEDIEVAL: MultimEDia transport for mobIlE Video AppLications", Future Network Technologies Workshop, Sep. 2011.
  • M. Wetterwald, “MEDIEVAL: MultimEDia transport for mobIlE Video AppLications,” ETSI Workshop on Future Network Technologies Standardization, Sep. 2011
  • "Requirements and scenarios for mobile network evolution", Demaria Elena. Presented in MIRACLE, November 2010 pdf
  • C.J. Bernardos, "Analysis of the combination of different IP mobility schemes", 78th IETF, IRTF MOBOPTS WG, July 2010 pdf
  • "Multimedia Transport for Mobile Video Applications", De la Oliva A., FIA Meeting Brussels, July 2010 pdf