Deliverable Title Dissemination Level
 Delivery Date
 D1.1 Preliminary architecture design PU M12
 D1.2 Business case analysis
 CO M16
 D1.3 Final architecture design
 PU M30
 D1.4 Final plan for the use and dissemination of knowledge PU M37
 D2.1 Requirements for video service control PU M12
 D2.2 Final Specification for video service control PU M24
 D2.3 Video service control assessment PU M30
 D3.1Concepts for Wireless Access in relation to cross-layer optimization PU M12
 D3.2Final Specifications for the Wireless Access functions and interfaces PU M24
 D3.3 Final Wireless Access Functions assessment PU M30
 D4.1Light IP Mobility architecture for Video Services: initial architecture PU M12
 D4.2IP Multicast Mobility Solutions for Video Services PU M12
 D4.3Final Specification for mobility components & interfaces PU M24
 D4.4Final Operational Mobility Architecture PU M30
 D5.1Transport Optimization: initial architecture PU M12
 D5.2Final Specification for transport optimization components & interfaces
 PU M24
 D5.3Advanced CDN mechanisms for video streaming
 PU M24
 D5.4Resources efficient mobile transport: final operational architecture PU M30
 D6.1Initial testbed status report PU M12
 D6.2Final testbed status report PU M36
 D6.3First periodic testing report CO M24
 D6.4Second periodic testing report PU M37
 D7.1Project Management deliverable CO M7
 D7.2Project Management deliverable CO M19
 D7.3Project Management deliverable CO M31